Thursday, 16 May 2013

Robin in early primary moult

Today at a ringing site near Hungerford Jerry caught a female robin which had started primary wing moult.  The moult was symmetrical on both wings (scored 3310000000).

Adults of many resident species undertake a complete "post-breeding" moult, which as the name suggests, occurs after completing their breeding duties. The robin caught today had already begun this moult while still brooding eggs as evidenced by the presence of a well developed and blood engorged brood patch (stage B3).  Robin's also regularly have two or even three clutches so to undertake a "post-breeding" moult this early suggests that this individual will not attempt any further clutches.

Checking through the Groups ringing records shows that since 2007 there have been 11 robins caught which have been in "post-breeding moult".  The earliest a bird has been caught at a stage similar to the bird caught today was on 28th June 2008 (scored 4110000000).

Todays bird is picture below:-

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